The Sad Businessman

My sister asked me to illustrate a story of hers (I'll put a link here when it is live on her site). The basics is that there was a character I interpreted as a sad businessman.

I was heavily inspired by the style of Tsurubride. I have admired her work for awhile and thought I would give it a go with this project. It made for great procrastination and de-stress during the exam period.

I tried the reverse way of putting the fabric through my hoop and I found it much easier to keep the fabric taut. It is something I will definitely be using going forward.

The fabric is a cream calico.
Everything is stitched using backstitch.
The pupils are a french knot wrapped around the needle one.
The suit buttons are a french knot wrapped around the needle twice.
The coat is a piece of natural wool appliqued onto the fabric.

Colours used (all DMC):
Hair: 300
Skin outline: 3799
Skin shading: 169
Iris: 312
Pupils: 310
Lips: 223
Shirt collar: 310
Tie: 312
Suit: 317
Coat: 899
Blue bag: 3843
Red bag: 666
Purple bag: 718

xo Kirste Isabel