The Grass is Greener Embroidery

This was my first time embroidering on proper embroidery fabric and I love it!!! I normally just go for calico which is pretty thin and annoying with bright threads. And it stretches and buckles a lot.

You know the difference between getting dinner at a drive through and a lovingly home cooked meal followed by a nice cup of tea… That is the difference between stitching on calico and proper linen.

This project took a lot longer than expected (uhhh fourteen hours). I did so much embroidery one friday night that I started dreaming about it! 

I am very new to using stem stitch and that definitely slowed me down. I am glad I decided to use three different colours for the leaves. I think it just adds something a little extra to the laurel wreath thing. 

The details
the fabric is a proper embroidery linen (unknown count)
the quote is in two strands of dark grey with split stitch
the branches and stem are in stem stitch (a dark blue-green)
the leaves are done in lazy daisy stitch with three different colours (varying the amount of each colour per stem)
it was framed in the hoop following this tutorial

Now to figure out how to get it on the wall...

xo Kirste Isabel