Sustainable purchasing is hard?

I'm having a hard time determining the best way to go about purchasing sustainable products.

I need to replace my shoes. The soles are destroyed and at this point it's causing one of my ankles to constantly be at a funny angle. Along with a host of other issues that show they are about to fall apart.

So I'm looking for a new pair. And I want them to meet all of these requirements:
- workers paid a fair wage
- long wearing
- repairable
- sustainable materials
- workers of the materials paid a fair wage and not in a situation that may be bad for their health
- locally made
- affordable, I am a student after all

One of the biggest problems I am having is that most long wearing and repairable shoes are leather. I'm not vegan so that itself is not an issue of me. But most leather is no longer a by-product of the meat industry and the dying of leather can cause huge health issues for the workers.

I'm going to have to compromise, but where do I draw the line? Is it more environmentally friendly to get a pair of leather shoes if I can have them repaired for twenty years? 

I've spent hours this week searching for something to meet my requirements and so far no luck. Sometimes trying to be live sustainably is hard.