Bright Baby Blanket - Part 1

I am embarking on my first foray into quilting. I have tried crazy patchwork before... does that count? Either way, quilting is mildly terrifying.

This is a baby quilt for my dear friend who has moved back to the UK. She hasn't found out the sex of the baby so I just went for bright colours. It is five fat quarters, each cut into four inch squares. I am sewing them with a one cm (about two fifths an inch) seam allowance.

New experiences so far
Using a rotary cutter. Most of the time I was thinking oh god am I going to cut off my fingers off
Mapping out the fabric pieces and trying to get them to look good
Swearing at the machine three times in two minutes
Loads of excitement for completing all of my rows

Now to sew them together! Any tips on getting all the seams to match up?

xo Kirsten Isabel