Preserving tomatoes - puree

Every month or so I try to change one thing I am doing to live more intentionally. As ponsey as that sounds, it makes changing my habits to live more sustainably much easier.

I want to be more aware of seasons and cook with them mind. Fresh produce is more sustainable (you can read about that here) and it just tastes better. Much to L’s dismay, fresh vegetables taste more like vegetables and less like cardboard, but I love it. Seasonal produce is also much friendlier to my student budget.

Seeing as tomatoes are in season I thought I would preserve some to use when they go out of season.

I wanted my tomato puree to be pretty versatile so that I can add it to pasta, soup, or risotto, or whatever else may take my fancy in the winter.

I took a few kilos of fresh tomatoes and roasted them with some olive oil and salt. About half way through I added two onions which had been quartered. After they were squishy and smelling delicious I transferred them into a big bowl (juice and all) and pureed them with my stick mixer. Be careful not to splash yourself ‘cause it burns.

I sterilized some old jars and lids by placing them in a pot of boiling water and whilst they were hot, adding the hot pureed tomatoes and then sealing. As the glass and tomatoes cooled down, the lids sealed.

These are now sitting up in the back of the cupboard ready for the colder months. Now what to do with the left over jars I collected from my mum...

UPDATE: this didn't work :( It went off inside the jars even though they had sealed. I will put them in the freezer next time