Origami Dragon Embroidery

I've been really fascinated with different artists lately and their different styles of work. You might be seeing more of that influencing my stitching soon.

My little sister has an adorable bunny necklace by Hug a Porcupine. I really liked the simplicity of the geometric designs and found them quite striking. I think I'll have to get myself this one

I took this idea and turned it into an embroidery design. I have my template below if you would like to make a dragon. Otherwise, a breakdown of the method...

How to make an origami embroidery:
1. Pick what you want to do (polar bear, house, frog, etc)
2. Research how to fold it out of paper
3. Mostly fail at folding it out of paper
4. Sketch other peoples origami 
5. Finalise a drawing, include a few smaller folds but not too many
6. Draw onto your fabric with a washable marker
7. Stitch it up

Mine fits in a three inch hoop and (I think) is super cute. 

The details
white/cream 'belfast' linen in 32 count
everything in split stitch
standard DMC embroidery floss in two strands
~one hours work including framing 

xo Kirste Isabel