Low waste coffee habit

Regular caffeine is key to getting through uni papers and those early wake-ups for work. I do love a good cup of tea but when I want that extra spring in my step it’s gotta be coffee.

I’m purchasing my coffee from Allpress Coffee, which is direct trade coffee. I find them pretty transparent about the standards they have set for their growers. (you can read about why they chose Direct trade over fair trade here)

But what I love best about the Allpress store is that I can take my jar in and ask for how every many grams of coffee I think I’ll go through in a week. They’ll grind it for me no matter how small the amount it is - one time I spent all of $3 but they were totally cool with it. The first time I went in there with my jar I was nervous and sheepishly asked if it would be okay and their brilliant response was we love it when people bring their own containers.

At home I use a French press and I try to onlymake as many cups as I will drink. Afterwards I place the grounds into an old salsa jar and dry them out a little. This jar is being kept in the fridge to be delivered to my mum’s worm farm next time I visit. And this coffee is so good that I drink it black. No need for sugar or milk.

Hopefully soon I’ll have my own worms to feed it to.