Jeans Repair #1

Being someone who grew up with The Sisterhood of Travelling Pants, I loved the idea of clothes holding stories. Time goes into the creation of a garment, and then time goes into the wear of it. When it is old and filled with holes, oh the yarns it could tell. 

This was my first pair of jeans in three years. They marked a time of mass change in my life and I’m not ready to be rid of them yet. There is a Japanese art form, Kintsugi, which repair pottery with gold (and sometimes silver or platinum). Kintsugi embraces the imperfections of the mended object, acknowledging its history and the beauty in it.

So in the interest of sentimentality and environmental sustainability I thought I would take inspiration from Japan, and try to make do and mend these jeans for the rest of the year.

The inner thighs have shown wear first at the seams that rub together. I took some wool felt and cut it to cover the worn section (one side had a hole). I then pinned this and stitched it on my machine with a cotton thread. I went forward and back of the area to kind of weave sections of it. 

I expect that it is an area that will over time need further repair so I'll let you know how this wears.

xo Kirste Isabel