Izzy's Doll

I made a decision early on that every year, my goddaughter Izzy would get one handmade gift, at least one book and one costume. So for her first birthday it was high time I made her something.

This doll was lovely and soft and has spent most of it's time in her mouth!

The limbs and body are cotton, the hair is felt, the dress is some scraps of patchwork fabric and the features done with DMC embroidery thread. I used the same process as the mini moopy soft toy where the limbs are folded in and then the body is stitched around. Things came out a little wonky but that was okay. Once she was dressed you couldn't really notice it.

I had great expectations of myself and spent an evening trying to do plaited rag doll hair with embroidery thread but it got to midnight and I hadn't even completed one line! I will have to try that again another time when I haven't left finishing the doll to the day before. The felt hair worked out quite well in that it is super soft and I don't have to worry about it falling out if there's some rough play.

Izzy had open heart surgery very young so I decided to stitch the chest scars onto the doll like she has. So there is the main center scar and two drainage scars. I may add the kidney ones later on but they are currently quite faded.

I had definitely overestimated my skills in make a soft toy. There was a fair bit of swearing when things just wouldn't quite go as I had planned and it definitely is not as detailed as I planned for it to be when I first started. But that's okay :)

let me know what you think!

xo Kirsten Isabel