Recently I was lucky enough to go home for the weekend. I love spending time with my family. Everytime I stay at my parents it feels like the world is slower. But maybe that is just because I do less chores.

I really love how wonderful my parents garden is. We can just eat things straight out of the garden and it is all sun sweetened and fresh. As my siblings get older I am amazed at the people they are becoming. And they can actually funny... The age of nonsense knock knock jokes is finally over. 

And as I get older I get to know my parents more and more as people which is like discovering two new friends. 

Soppyness aside, I took a bunch of photos I wanted to share. The fluffy cat is called mushu and the other one is pepper.

xo Isabel

I made this cushion when I was 13 (I think?) and it is still around. I think it is pretty cute.