Ginger and lemon tea

I am sick again for what feels like the hundredth time this year. I've slept, and laid up in bed for 3 days now. On the positive side, I have got through most of Extra History which has kept me from boredom.

Lemon and ginger tea is one of the best things when you're sick. It's a little relief for the throat and the nose and the self. But getting up regularly to make the tea and chop the ginger can feel like a little too much when under the weather.

I boiled 4 cups of water with 2 1/2 inches of ginger (chopped) and the zest and juice of a lemon. After a few minutes simmering I turned the heat off and just let it sit. I then drained the tea into a jar and am keeping it in the fridge.

Just pour some into a mug and reheat with a bit of honey, and in the evenings a bit of brandy, and enjoy the soothing properties without wearing yourself out too much.

Or, guilt your partner/sibling/flatmate to make it for you :)