Freestyle Baking (aka throw everything into a bowl and hope it turns out okay)

Baking freestyle is freeing. It's a chance to be creative in the kitchen. And is the cornerstone for developing your own recipes.

I've really been enjoying this sort of baking lately. I melt some butter and then just add things to it. Everything comes out edible and at its worst, tasty. 

You'll notice that recipes are similar because baking is all based around ratios.
Fat: sugar: flour : whatever else.
Overtime these ratios will stick in your head. I can remember the first cookie recipe I learnt, it is almost muscle memory now. 

So I thought I would give some things that I do to make sure everything comes out edible:
- start with an idea in mind, cookies, brownie, whatever. 
- always have some sort of sweetener, but err on the side of caution. No-one wants cookies that are straight sugar!
- add your flour in a bit at a time.  
- remember your leavener. Baking powder is the easiest.
- have the oven on a lower temp, ~165C. Burnt baking is not good baking.
- test the doneness by feel rather than time. Can the cookies be nudged without breaking, does a skewer come out clean, that sort of thing.
- ask your taste testers what they do and don't like so you can make something even better next time

These brownies were freestyle, and they turned out alright. Should have baked them a little longer but that's okay :) L still enjoyed them.

Happy baking!

xo Kirsten Isabel