Cookies and Cream Layer Cake

Three years doesn't seem like a very long time. At risk of sounding terribly soppy, it has been a wonderful three years. L and I had our anniversary recently. Neither of us could remember the exact date he first called me his girlfriend so at year one we rolled a 20 sided die to pick the date.

This year it went by pretty uneventfully. We were both in the midst of getting ready for exams so we picked up some Chinese takeout and watched a movie. He'd never seen Anastasia

Anyway, I decided I wanted to some baking for it. His favourite ice cream flavour is cookies and cream so I made a cookies and cream cake with layers of vanilla cake, chocolate chunks, vanilla meringue buttercream and oreo cookie crumbs.

We shared it with a big group of friends on the weekend and had to send everyone home with an extra slice to get rid of it all! It seriously is enough cake for twenty servings...

I used Bakerella's vanilla cake to make three layers. I sprinkled chunks of dark chocolate on top just before baking.  I left them sitting upside down overnight to try to flatten the small mound each had.

I made up some of Yo's Italian Meringue Buttercream. It was my first time trying this recipe and I don't think I ever want to go back to the crap made with icing sugar. it is so silky and smooth and delicious! It was pretty nerve wracking making it - everything has to happen at the exact right time to work. But it worked!

I layered the cake in this order:
Vanilla Cake
Oreo cookie crumbs

And then covered the entire thing in a layer of buttercream and cookie crumbs. 

Pressing the cookie crumbs into it made a HUGE mess. But it was totally worth it.

This cake went down really well, and the chocolate chunks added a nice touch.

Happy anniversary my love.

xo Kirsten Isabel