Birthday Cake

I'm gonna get real honest with you guys. My birthday every year is always fantastic, but also disappointing. But not disappointing? I build it up in my mind like it's going to be the greatest day of the year and everything is going to be blissful and fantastic. I imagine myself waking up naturally after a great night's sleep with heaps of time before heading to work and then everything will be perfect.

The day never turns out like that. But it is still fantastic! In fact, it is probably better. This year, I spent my birthday at work and then had an evening all by myself.  The day was very ordinary - I still found it hard to get up on my alarm and I spent the evening baking a cake to take into work. It was nothing I had built up in my mind. But it was great. 

I guess I am just trying to explain how the simple fact of it being my birthday makes me look at the day with a positive lens, regardless of whether there are celebrations or not.  

I have a new birthday buddy at work. So naturally I used that excuse to make a cake! I like baking, people like eating my baking... It's an arrangement that works :)

I used Annabel Langbein's banana cake recipe and threw in 200g of chocolate chips at the end. I split the batter between two 7 inch cake tins to create two layers.

I then made a batch of Italian Meringue buttercream and added some melted chocolate. I was so incredibly nervous carrying this cake on the bus. I was worried some annoying kid would try stick his finger in the frosting. I managed to get to work without too much incident (I managed to stick my shirt in the frosting at one point. Oops!)

It went down a treat at the office! Happy birthday to Acorn and me

xo Kirsten Isabel