Welcome to sweet loves. I’m Kirsten Isabel and this is my little space on the web.

I like to make things. Mostly with my hands but I am in love with my cake mixer.

My childhood induction to the world of baking ranged from Sunday afternoons at my Nana’s (more about that here) to vege muffins for school lunches. Everyone in my family bakes - it is almost a rite of passage.

Lots of people who ask me where I got the baking bug are surprised to learn my dad bakes. His favourite sweet treat is Ginger Crunch and my mum’s is definitely chocolate.

Crafting is another thing that runs in my family! My mum taught me to cross stitch, my grandma first showed me how to use a sewing machine and my nana showed me how to knit. My mum also taught me how to collect oodles and oodles of fabric but I’m pretending I don’t do that...

I generally focus on embroidery with a smattering of other crafty projects. My endeavour is to get better at finishing them!

I live in the home of middle earth with my chief taste tester, L. When we are not running away from orcs we binge watch 30 Rock and play board games.

Things you’ll find here:
many half finished projects
a few Sunday adventures
the occasional healthy recipe

You can contact me at isabel.sweetloves@gmail.com or in the comments.

Happy exploring!!